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share in the credit of making it all possible. Oryx the Mad God II is back to his normal battle attire. These things always have to make business sense.

Following your feedback in the past weeks, we decided to double-down the development efforts to extend our capability to run events and incorporate the Realms more. In order to gain access to the exclusive purple character glow, you will have to reach a total of 100.000 pts within the duration of the Campaign. Otherwise the rewards would be worth nothing. We stanley want to sincerely thank all of you that have stuck with pro us and given us such great support over the past 2 years. New - Supporter Campaign Our Supporter Campaign is about to launch! In this action-packed, open world, third person action game, you must fight to stay alive in The Wasteland, using brutal on-ground and vehicular against vicious gangs of bandits. WB games logo, WB shield: Warner Bros. This is pretty much the result we are aiming for with the port. As announced, we have also released an in-game Realm Remaster Support Campaign through which you support the Unity project and get your name engraved on the wall of fame in game forever. We are essentially rewriting the entire client from scratch in Unity and C# - thus calling it a remaster. We then went on to unveil that our choice had been set and that the new client would be rewritten, from scratch, in Unity: a powerful game engine that has proven its amazing capabilities over the years. Of course the gameplay part will be quite the challenge, we want to be fully transparent there. Click here to see them). The Nexus and Guild Halls are back to normal. We are based in Geneva, Paris, and Brussels. New Cosmetics New Skins! We are regularly re-evaluating solutions and refactoring our work, building on solid foundations and as little tech debt as possible. Today, we are happy to announce that we have staffed two additional developers and they are fully set up and working hard on the Unity project. That would discredit our loyal supporters in our eyes. New - Realm Events! (s15 view all, what Curators Say 489 Curators have reviewed this product. Suspicious Milk Bottle can no longer be used in dungeons. Your name on the Wall of Fame at the end of the campaign and in the Unity clients credits section Automatically unlocked when joining the campaign Rank 2 Greater Supporter -.000 pts Beta access to the Unity Client Unity Supporter Vanity Item (Energy Signet). In addition to being able to talk about what we have been up to, we will actually also be able to show you some footage of where we are at with the Client right now in the. At the same time we felt that at its core, the campaign is about supporting the game - yes that means finances to a certain degree but it also means engagement, possibly the most important component. A new tab called "Campaign" will be available in the Shop when the campaign starts. We consider ourselves lucky to have such a supportive Community and are looking forward to shaping the future with you.

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The new client will significantly improve performance and longevity of the game. There is no toggle option for chat color and gravestones. With this update we will start to gradually introduce events to the Realms. We are not planning to stop development on the current game while porting the game to Unity and we actually expect to even have a time of running them in parallel. This essentially translated into investigating alternatives for the game past 2020. Halloween Tokens will remain in the game for another 2 weeks before being removed. Looking for validation that players agree that this is the right parallels para mac nmap step for the product. Mad, we have and always will view it as our core. The Exclusive Supporter Glow will not activate when reaching 100.

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The question was never if that was going to happen but rather when it will happen. A Realm Remastered The Unity Project, once you unlock the macos campaign, we want the game to feel and play identically which means that we are already working within the boundaries of what the current game. Camera management, in the Shop, and since a kid can dream. Developed by Avalanche Studios, for us back then, you can collect exclusive Supporter Rewards by spending gold or by farming Nexus Fragments and Crystals in the Realm. Rewards detail cumulative Rank 1 Basic Supporter 500 pts Unlocking Campaign. Maybe we will go on to conquer the console space once we are live with Unity. UIs and of course playing on full screen. Performance, any Gold spent after unlocking the campaign in the mysterypackage shop or purchases in the nexus will count towards collecting points throughout the Campaign in order to unlock Supporter Ranks.

Update.31.1.0: Halloween 2018 Events End Halloween events come to an end with this update.Zombie Hordes, Totalia the Malevolent and the Pumpkin Shrines have been banished from the Realms.


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