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mac configurar el finder

the II icon below the scroll bars. The Finder window toolbar also has an action menu with a gear icon that lets you choose options that are also

available on the Finder menu. Esto da acceso rápido a los usuarios del sistema Mac OS X a sus archivos de uso frecuente, carpetas, búsquedas y servidores. The Finder window toolbar also has back and forward arrow buttons that are initially grayed out. Ver también, ver qué apps y sitios web usó un hijo en la Mac. Paso 4, los elementos de la barra lateral también se pueden arreglar haciendo clic y arrastrando los iconos a la ubicación que prefieras en la barra lateral. You can even customize the toolbar from the Finders View menu and add additional icons. The name of the folder is at the top of the Finder window. Cambiar las preferencias del Finder Simple para un usuario. If you would rather use the keyboard press Command, while in Finder and Preferences will open. Quick Look supports text files, PDFs, movies, Keynote presentations, and Microsoft Word and Excel files so that you dont have to open files in an application just to see whats inside. Let me show you how. Press F11 again to bring everything back. Haz clic en el ícono del candado para desbloquearlo e ingresa un nombre y una contraseña de administrador (o bien, si la Mac tiene. El Finder simple muestra sólo tres carpetas: Aplicaciones, Documentos y Compartido. Apple configures the defaults in the Finder sidebar to hide a lot of useful things, but not all of them in favorites, shared items, and devices. You can click and drag the icon to its left to wherever you want, just as you would the folders icon in its parent folder. All you have to do is check the boxes next to the items you want to see and uncheck the boxes for items you dont want to see. The Path icon is particularly useful because it shows all the folders that include the current one and lets you pop back to any one of them. By cover-flow: The new cover-flow view is based on the way iTunes and iPods display album covers to help you find the music you want, but in the Finder, cover-flow shows a preview of file contents. Here is a useful tip for new Mac Oion users that will show you how to configure what is visible in your Finder windows sidebar.

Dispositivos, en los iconos de la parte superior del panel de Preferencias del Finder. Redes compartidas, you can use any of these to navigate around the file system on your Mac and the more you have mac emblem turned on the more you can see. If you havent already access Finder on your Mac.

El primer paso para encontrar y organizar tus documentos, tu contenido multimedia, tus carpetas y otros archivos es aprender a usar el Finder.El Finder es lo primero que ves cuando.

Puedes especificar las apps y los documentos que el usuario puede ver en las carpetas. Selecciona la opción configurar Usar Finder Simple. Abrir el panel de preferencias Controles parentales por. You use Finder windows to move around among folders. Now configurar select he Sidebar tab which will look like the picture below. Personally I like to turn them all on that way I dont miss anything. Youll find that you use the Finder all the time.


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